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Friday, August 04, 2006

Creampie Videos Story

Last Sunday Jay called and asked if I could go have a drink with him. Fran was watching creampie videos and said it was okay if I wanted to, but that I could say no if I wanted to. I decided to say yes. I told Jay I would go have a drink with him, but that was all, that I wasn't agreeing to anything more than a drink. He said he'd put no pressure on me for creampie videos.
Just in case, though, I took a quick shower and shaved my legs while waiting for him to come get me! You ladies will understand. Then I dressed to be prepared. I wore a knee-length denim skirt and a sleeveless blouse. Yes, I wore panties and a bra, even though fran encouraged me to wear neither. I wanted to be prepared, but not brazen.
Jay picked me up and took me to a nice creampie videos club. As we had drinks he rubbed my leg, commenting on how smooth it was, and I rubbed his. He got his hand all the way up to the crotch of my panties, which were wet, and I rubbed his crotch, which was hard. He asked me to go back to his house with him, and I declined.
In the end we went to the parking lot and sat in his car. I let him kiss me and finger me for a bit, then I sucked on him and jacked him off. I couldn't cum with him fingering me. He could cum with me jacking him. He shot on my hand and I didn't wipe it off. By the time I got home it was dried, but I let fran lick my hand and he was turned on by knowing I had jacked another man off. I was thinking at the time that it was a shame fran wasn't there to suck him. Maybe that'll be next.
It was a turn-on for me. When I got home me and fran had some creampie videos! And, yes, I was able to cum. And yes, fran went down on me after he came in me.
As fran said, Jay was expected at 7. We had both bathed and shaved our legs in anticipation of them being touched by another man. Before our baths we took turns trimming each other's pubic hair. Mine is red and very course and thick. Against my better judgement, I let fran pick what I was to wear for the creampie videos evening.

Monday, February 20, 2006

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